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At Jensen & Associates, our mission is to distinguish ourselves and go above and beyond other plaintiff’s firms by:

Having all staff knowledgeable about every case, and each lawyer, paralegal and secretary ready and able to help each client at all times;

Having particular dedication to trial preparation in every case, from not letting insurance companies and their lawyers avoid answering discovery, to having cutting-edge trial graphics and exhibits;

By never hesitating to ask the court to punish defense lawyers when they try to get away with anything;

Investing our time and money to hire the very best experts and latest technology to prove to the defense we are ready to try and win each case, if they won’t settle;

Bringing to bear our unique ability to maximize the settlement potential of every case;

In these ways we commit ourselves to delivering exceptional results for every client!

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More than anything, you want results. You want your personal injury case won. You want the bad guys to pay your damages. And we have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. We recovered enough money for a spine-injured man to afford the surgery necessary to prevent paralysis. We recovered enough money to provide a potential amputee the surgery that restored the use of his injured hand. We recovered enough money for a young woman whose mother was killed in a violent traffic crash to keep the house and care for her family for the rest of her life.